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Fertility care is more than medications and procedures. The emotional wellness of our patients is very important to the providers and staff here at Pacific NW Fertility. Although research studies find that stress does not directly cause infertility or alter the success of fertility treatments, the ups and downs of difficulty conceiving and miscarriage will certainly have a significant emotional impact. Every person is different and we have many different resource options for support and wellness including counseling (convenient  in-house counseling as well as a referral list to counselors that have a special interest in infertility and miscarriage), support group optionsyoga for fertilitya book listhelpful websites, and an in-house mind-body program.

Please ask if you cannot find the right source of support for you - we are here to help.


One-on-one support with a professional can be extremely helpful. We offer in house counseling with Carol Knoph, M.Ed. and can also provide a list of counselors that have a special interest in infertility and miscarriage (please ask us for the list).

In-house Counseling with Carol Knoph, M.Ed.

The struggle to become a parent after a diagnosis of infertility has a broad reaching effect on many aspects of a woman’s or couple’s lives. Emotions, relationships, career decisions and finances all are impacted by this life changing event. At Pacific NW Fertility we feel it is important to provide support for you as a whole person by now having counseling available at our clinic Thursdays and Fridays of each week.

What can you expect from counseling?

  • Help in coping with negative feelings from fertility struggles
  • Stress management
  • Facilitation of decision making for next steps in treatment
  • Help in improving relationships with family and friends
  • Grief management while moving forward
  • Education of issues around treatment and different paths to parenthood
  • Evidence-based, short-term therapy for individuals and couples

Who would benefit from counseling?

  • Those who are considering a new direction in treatment (IVF, donor egg/sperm, donor embryo)
  • Patients who have had recurrent pregnancy loss or unsuccessful treatment
  • Women or couples struggling with stress, depression or anxiety
  • Those who are experiencing secondary infertility
  • Same sex couples dealing with decision making or relationship difficulties

Carol Knoph, M.Ed. is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has worked in the fertility counseling field since 2004 with extensive experience working with adults, children, and families. She received training in mind/body medicine from Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Medical Institute, followed up with additional training from Alice Domar, Ph.D. in mind/body medicine for infertility. Carol has taught the Mind/Body Program for Fertility at Pacific NW Fertility, Northwest Center for Reproductive Science, and Virginia Mason Center for Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology. Twice a year Carol and Lynn Jenson lead a weekend women’s fertility retreat in Duvall. In her private practice she provides counseling and consultation with an exclusive focus on fertility issues. Carol is a former chair of the Washington State Affiliate of Resolve. She has given presentations at many Resolve conferences/meetings and at various support groups in the area.

To schedule an appointment call Carol at 206-604-6107 or email at

Appointments are open to patients from all fertility clinics and providers.

Support Group Options

There are several local support groups as well as an online support community through a patient run website and advocacy group called  Resolve.

Local Support Groups

  1. Resolve peer-lead support group in Seattle and surrounding areas
  2. Infertility and Infant/Pregnancy Loss support group in Issaquah
  3. Miscarriage support group at St. Stephan’s Episcopal Church
  4. Support groups for miscarriage and death of a child at Children’s Hospital in Seattle


We understand that a group setting for support may not be a good fit for everyone. Please ask us for a list of counselors in the area that can provide individualized care for you.


Please visit our listing of  book recommendations for an extensive list of resources.

Helpful Web Links 

Pacific NW Fertility has compiled  helpful web links to help provide more information surrounding fertility, and allow you to identify the best course of treatment specific to your individual needs.

Wellness: Mind and Body Fertility Programs

There are few medical conditions as stressful as infertility. Research has shown that the stress of infertility is comparable to that of cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other devastating illnesses. Fortunately, you can learn ways to alleviate symptoms such as sadness, anger, anxiety, insomnia, and physical pain.

The Mind/Body Fertility Program is taught by Carol Knoph and helps patients:

  • Reduce stress through a variety of relaxation methods
  • Decrease isolation surrounding infertility
  • Experience yoga for potential fertility benefits
  • Learn techniques to reduce negative, harmful thoughts
  • Examine lifestyle behaviors that effect fertility
  • Optimize partner support and minimize stress and conflict in the relationship
  • Learn the art of self-nurturance and coping with negative emotions

Who could benefit

Women who are having difficulty conceiving, including those being treated with IUI, IVF, and donor cycles, or other therapies may benefit from this program. We encourage partner participation in four of the ten sessions. The Mind/Body Fertility Program is open to patients of all fertility clinics and practitioners.

What is included

  • Participant manual, Healing Mind/Healthy Woman by Alice Domar, Ph.D. and Henry Dreher, and The Wellness Book by Herbert Benson, M.D. and Eileen Stuart, R.N., C., M.S. 
  • Initial individual visit with Carol Knoph, M.Ed. Ten weekly group sessions for women, with or without partners
  • Four sessions for partners, including two sessions with Bill Scott, MSW
  • One yoga session with Lynn Jensen, M.B.A., R.Y.T. (Yoga for Fertility)
  • Individual summary session with Carol Knoph, M.Ed.

Check for the next dates here.

For more information, or to register contact Carol Knoph at 206-604-6107, or visit her website:

Yoga for Fertility Weekly Classes

Classes are designed for women who are currently trying to conceive. Women using assisted reproductive technology are welcome at all phases of their fertility program. In a Harvard-based study, women participating in yoga and relaxation classes increased their chances of pregnancy by almost 3 times. The Yoga for Fertility class environment is small and supportive, and all levels of yoga experience are welcomed. See our event page for dates.

Registration open now for all weekly Yoga for Fertility classes (space available) at

I would encourage my friend to seek professional help as early as possible. Both seeing a medical team that specializes in fertility treatment as well as someone to support their emotional health. I would advise them to consider all options. Loving a child regardless of how they came to you is such an incredible gift. I would encourage my friend to not give up no matter how hard the process becomes.

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