Financial Counseling

Our financial counselors are happy to speak to any prospective or current patient and review the potential costs associated with expected treatment.  Keep in mind, new patients usually don't know their treatment plan until after meeting with their doctor and completing some initial testing.  After those things are in place, an appointment with the financial counselor can be very productive.

Our financial counselors enjoy our patients and it's not unusual for our patients to give extra kudos to these people when we do patient satisfaction surveys. Let's face it, talking about money can be uncomfortable.  But our counselors are very good and know how to help people.

You are welcome to call, email, or even pop in and see if a financial counselor may be available.  They are certainly waiting and eager to help you.

In an effort to assist you with understanding your insurance benefits, we have put together a list of FAQ’s. You will need to contact your insurance plan to find out your specific benefits for infertility and what services may or may not be covered.

A financial counselor will be available to assist you, but will be unable to quote any insurance benefits or answer specific questions regarding your individual coverage. We recommend you contact your insurance plan to receive specific benefit information and have any coverage questions answered.

Below are some examples of questions you should ask your insurance company representative:

  • ● What is the effective date of my plan?
  • ● Do I have coverage for infertility?
  • ● Is there any pre-existing condition limitation?
  • ● Do I have a deductible or out of pocket maximum due before my insurance will pay?
  • ● Do I need an authorization for office visits, labs, ultrasounds, insemination (IUI), or assisted reproductive technologies (ART) cycles?
  • ● Do I have coverage for diagnosis only or diagnosis & treatment?
  • ● Do I have coverage for insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility medications, cryopreservation of embryos, sperm and embryo storage?
  • ● Do I have coverage for donor egg IVF cycles?
  • ● Is there a limit for dollars, time, or number of cycles?
  • ● Are there lifetime benefit limits or annual benefit limits?
  • ● Do I have any out-of-network benefits?

If your partner is having any services in our Andrology lab, he will also need to check his benefits. Male services could include a semen analysis, sperm prep for insemination, freezing and storage of sperm.

If you have a secondary insurance the same benefit information will be necessary.

Please contact a PNWF financial counselor at 206.582.3849 if you have any questions. 

You so exceeded our expectations. We didn't expect a picture of our embryos, a personal conversation with the embryologist, the ability to see implantation with ultrasound, privacy during retrieval, warm  blankets, and truly... kindness.  Thank You.

2015 Anonymous Patient Survey
Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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