In Vitro Fertilization Insurance Information

We understand there are many challenges associated with overcoming infertility, and a financial burden should not be one of them. You will be pleased to know that at Pacific NW Fertility, we participate with a number of insurance companies including:

  • Aetna 
  • First Choice 
  • Group Health 
  • Premera 
  • Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield (out-of-state plans)*
  • United Healthcare/Optum** 

* check with our Financial Counselors for details
** Pacific NW Fertility is the Center of Excellence for this plan

We realize that fertility treatment can be a significant financial undertaking. Infertility treatment may or may not be covered by your insurance. We encourage you to fully understand your healthcare benefits prior to initiating treatment by calling your insurance plan. If your insurance coverage does not cover fertility treatment, please call our financial counselors at 206-582-3849 to receive an outline of patient financial responsibilities.

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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions you should review with your insurance company: 

  • ● What is the effective date of my plan?
  • ● Do I have coverage for infertility?
  • ● Is there any pre-existing condition limitation?
  • ● Do I have a deductible or out of pocket maximum due before my insurance will pay?
  • ● Do I need an authorization for office visits, labs, ultrasounds, insemination (IUI), or assisted reproductive technologies (ART) cycles?
  • ● Do I have coverage for diagnosis only or diagnosis & treatment?
  • ● Do I have coverage for insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility medications, cryopreservation of embryos, sperm and embryo storage?
  • ● Do I have coverage for donor egg IVF cycles?
  • ● Is there a limit for dollars, time, or number of cycles?
  • ● Are there lifetime benefit limits or annual benefit limits?
  • ● Do I have any out-of-network benefits?

If your partner is having any services in our Andrology lab, he will also need to check his benefits. Male services could include a semen analysis, sperm prep for insemination, freezing and storage of sperm.

If you have a secondary insurance the same benefit information will be necessary.

Please contact a Patient Financial Counselor at 206.582.3849 if you have any questions. 

My partner and I went to PNWF because of the positive stance they take on assisting the LGBT community build families. Our primary provider is wonderful. From the get-go, the doctor made us feel comfortable, she took the time to answer all of our questions, and it felt like we were friends talking about fertility treatment, not numbers on a chart. Our doctor, over the course of our treatment, really got to know our personalities too, which was great. I prefer scientific explanations and my partner prefers brief, "give me the short version" explanations. I mention this because the fact that she got to know us in that way really made us feel like she cared about us personally as well as the outcome of our treatment and our family.

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Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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