Second Opinion IVF

Though it may feel uncomfortable for some patients, asking for a second opinion about your healthcare is perfectly acceptable. Infertility patients are often hesitant to change doctors after starting the evaluation and testing phase, even when they are uncomfortable with the physician or not in agreement about the upcoming treatment plan. But keep in mind that getting a second opinion is common in medicine where treatment plans can vary.

But PNWF’s providers encourage second opinions and regularly provide patients from other clinics this service.

Second opinions can be empowering for patients. If two quality physicians agree about a patient’s treatment plan, then you can rest assured that you are on the right path. And if the second opinion is vastly different from your provider’s suggested treatment plan, you will have the opportunity to be proactive in your care, ask questions, better understand the options, and have a more confident voice in how you decide to move forward.

Sometimes getting a second opinion solidifies your relationship with your current provider. And sometimes it helps patients make the decision that they know is best for them --- to change doctors and sometimes clinics.

To prepared for a second opinion:

Work with your provider and current clinic to gather copies of your medical records. These are your property after all.

Make a list of your specific questions during your second opinion consultation. Perhaps you don’t understand some of the testing that is being suggested. Or maybe you feel that a physician isn’t being straight forward about your chances for success. There are no dumb questions here.

Keep in mind that infertility treatment is a brilliant combination of science and art. Different providers will possibly approach your care in unique ways. Listen carefully to the second opinion and try your best to assess if it sounds and feels right to you.

Patients deserve the very best medical care and to maximize their chance of reaching their goals. Experienced physicians and quality clinics will encourage their patients to do what is best for them and their family. Sometimes that includes getting a fresh look; a second a opinion.

I have been extremely impressed and grateful for the level of care and service I have received from PNWF. Everyone has been caring, professional and helpful throughout my process. The calm and matter-of-fact demeanor of my nurse has been calming when I have been unsure of what to do or impatiently waiting a result. The day of the transfer went very smoothly and I would recommend PNWF to anyone going through  this process. Thank you for everything.

Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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