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Lindsay O., Seattle, WA - 5 Star Review

PNWF has a very special place in my heart, and forever will! If you're looking for a clinic to help you with the adventure of trying to start your own family, I'd say look no further than this amazing clinic with its top-notch doctors and staff. I know there are some other local clinics nearby, but based on what I hear from other friends, my experience at PNWF far surpasses theirs, and even wildly exceeded my own personal expectations of the type of care, guidance, love, and support I'd receive throughout this rollercoaster of emotions type of experience. You will not be disappointed! The level of care you'll receive, from front desk gals who know you by name and always greet you with a smile, to the IVF coordinators (special shout-out to Adriana and Yvette, who go way above and beyond to help support you and advocate for your needs and dreams to come true), all the way to the doctors (all of whom are fantastic and so down-to-earth) and even the clinic administrative director, will make you truly feel that this place is a special home for you during your busiest times of trying to make your family dreams come true.

I'm now into my 2nd trimester after having had successful IVF treatment, and even though I've been away from the clinic for months, I still keep in touch with my IVF coordinators and stop by to occasionally visit. Never would I think that I'd have such great care that I'd want to continue giving these special folks updates of how they've helped to create another healthy, successful pregnancy! PNWF is a clinic that genuinely cares for you as a whole person, and truly explains things at a level that works for each patient and their individual situation. They are very flexible and willing to try to best accommodate your work and vacation schedules, and if you feel one day the need to cry due to being overwhelmed with this often draining and emotional work, they will offer you the best support and shoulder to cry on. For myself, and probably most all patients seeking fertility help, having a solid and trusting relationship with my fertility clinic's staff was of utmost priority. With PNWF, you will get that and more. I truly feel I can still walk into the clinic and get the support and encouragement I need, should I drop by. Without hesitation, I encourage you to put PNWF as your first priority of clinics to check out. After a little less than a year of working with them, I'm now a pregnant and most happy/healthy Mama-to-be, and a stronger and more mature person than when I first started this journey. I couldn't have done it without the wonderful team of all employees at PNWF, and for helping us create a family, I am eternally grateful. I guarantee you won't be disappointed, but so pleasantly surprised and filled with hope and optimism once you first begin your journey there. Way to go, Pacific Northwest Fertility doctors, coordinators, and all other staff. You're amazing and true life-changers!

Jacki P., Seattle, WA - 5 Star Review

I want to give a shout out to Pacific Northwest Fertility for being my back up clinic during my cycle. I've been in contact for various reasons with PNWF for many years. My experience every time I come into the clinic is that I am always treated with respect, kindness, and courtesy. I am always very well taken care of.

I am not doing my cycle at PNWF because of special circumstances, yet your staff treats me with the same excellent quality of care as any other patient. That is special!

If you are considering fertility treatment, I can assure you that you will be well taken care of at this clinic. At a time when you are your most vulnerable, it's so important to choose a clinic who understands and honors that vulnerability, and PNWF does!

Kelley F., Seattle, WA - 5 Star Review

I'm finally moving on to my Obgyn with a healthy pregnancy now, but I'm honestly sad to leave PNWF. The service level from the people at the front desk, to the nurses you email (Tina is amazing), to the people you call, to your ultrasound techs, doctors, even the blood draw gals, is absolutely top notch. I had a great experience with Dr. Hickok, Eliza Martin (who has the incredible combination of sharing difficult but very honest information in an incredibly kind way), and my nurse Tina.

They take a very sensitive subject and treat it with the absolute perfect combination of educated confidence, and personal caring sensitivity. I am a very intense researcher, slightly Type A personality, and I researched all the major fertility places before selecting PNWF. I believe everything they said and did was truly in my best interest and very up to date on the latest methods and research. I couldn't believe how affordable all my procedures were, and I always felt like they were trying to treat me with the best care, rather than make money, in fact I felt they were actually protective of me - not over-testing unnecessary things, when I was clearly willing to pay for any test at a point.

It's obvious the doctors and staff at PNWF work there because they really care about helping people have families, and the overall culture really shows. It doesn't hurt also going to a gorgeous spa-like office with chocolate, mountain views, and literally one minute wait times. wink PNWF makes everyone feel like VIP clients!

Rachel C., Seattle, WA - 5 Star Review

My partner and I went to PNW Fertility because of the positive stance they take on assisting the LGBT community build families. Our primary provider was Dr. Julie Lamb, who is wonderful. From the get-go, Dr. Lamb made us feel comfortable, she took the time to answer all of our questions, and it felt like we were friends talking about fertility treatment, not numbers on a chart. Dr. Lamb, over the course of our treatment, really got to know our personalities too, which was great. I prefer scientific explanations and my partner prefers brief, "give me the short version" explanations. I mention this because the fact that she got to know us in that way really made us feel like she cared about us personally as well as the outcome of our treatment and our family.

I also appreciated the extremely efficient way that this clinic functions. I'm sure we've all experienced the long process of seeing a provider and then being told to get blood drawn and having to walk to a lab, draw a number and wait. What seems relatively simple can take over an hour. But, at PNW Fertility, everything is in-house, and the communication between staff is excellent. I never waited long. If a nurse or doctor was a bit behind, my blood was drawn first. If blood-draw had a few patients ahead of me, I saw the nurse or doctor first. Or, at times, the financial coordinator. Everything at this clinic ran like a well-oiled machine.

I loved the model of direct communication into our nurse as well. Our nurse was Kallie, who was with us every step of the way and even followed up with us during our pregnancy. She was extremely responsive and caring, another great aspect of our overall care.

We're the proud parents of a wonderful, perfect little boy now and we could not have done this without PNW Fertility. I would highly recommend the clinic and Dr. Lamb to anybody looking for a professional, caring place to build their family.

Brian C., Snoqualmie, WA - 5 Star Review

This review is long overdue, but I feel so passionately about it I finally have taken the time to write it! My Husband and I had just been married due to the legalization of gay marriage and we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time we used this clinic. My cousin/surrogate lived in the Seattle Area (Fall City, WA.) We looked at four clinics in Seattle over the phone from the bay area and this one stood out in the service department, they got back to us quickly with questions we had versus the other three were really terrible. This one also had a high rating on the government survey we found online.

From our first visit in May 2013 we were really impressed with all of the staff, from the receptionist, to the finance person, to the nurse (who has since left, but she was wonderful) to Dr. Hickok. Our eggs we purchased from their Donor bank and we were able to get two embryos and implanted one on July 17th, 2013.

First try worked, they called us 10 days after implant right after they got the positive tests (on our cell phone in California while we were camping.) We had to pull over as we were driving because both my Husband and I were crying so hard with happiness!

Each follow up appointment our surrogate had the nurse was just awesome about calling us right after the appointment to fill us in. We were able to fly up for several of the ultra sounds before she was released from the fertility clinic to her own OBGYN (after first trimester.)

We were able to finance the entire procedure via a fertility bank and the finance person at PNW made the process super easy. We are about three months away now from pay off (3 year loan.)

Our Daughter was born in March of 2014, healthy and happy and has just been the biggest joy to our lives, and without Doctor Hickok and his team none of this would have been possible! I highly recommend their services!

Lutus W., Seattle - 5 Star Review

I have nothing but praise to say about PNWF and the knowledgeable and helpful staff there who have assisted us in our pregnancy. Most noteworthy is Stephanie Frickleton who we felt really cared and supported us. She responded to all our questions and concerns with expertise, exceptional professionalism and who we feel, went above and beyond to assist us in every way possible. Jennifer Lynn was also wonderful nurse who exemplified warmth and care. We also appreciated the expertise and compassion of Dr. Julie Lamb. In sum, we appreciated the level of care and customized support we received at PNWF from all the staff we encountered. They were truly amazing!

Sparta3 - 
5 Star Review

WONDERFUL!! The atmosphere is relaxing and intimate where every staff member will call you by name. The staff is precise, informative, knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient. After my 1st appointment with Dr Lamb and nurse Catherine, I knew I would become pregnant! I was so very confident in their knowledge and treatment plan. Another plus, their IVF refund plan costs half the price of SRM. My nurse Catherine finds the best prices for medication and we went with Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. SRM only goes with Apothecary Speciality Pharmacy, the most expensive.

BTW, we tried getting pregnant with SRM for 2 years. Horrible experience and not just bc I didn't get pregnant. Look up my review on them for details.

"Its not the destination, so much as the Journey."

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about PNW. Please check them out!

Animal Love19 - 
5 Star Review

I have been a patient of Pamela Paley and Beth Enright since April 2006. I found out I had cancer and my case was referred to Swedish for treatment. I was very scared and nervous and Dr. Paley made me feel like she truely cared about making sure I had the best outcome possible. She explained about the type of cancer I had and the treatment it would require.

I had a surgery date/time set by the first time I met with Dr. Paley. I found the nursing staff to be extremely caring and helpful before and after surgery. In fact, the staff never hestitated to contact the insurance company when my short term disability was being denied due to a typo.

I have been seeing Beth Enright for a little over a year now and I think she's very sweet and professional. She is gentle during examinations and is willing to take time to discuss any questions or concerns I have post-op.

Google User -  5 Star Review

I realize I'm writing this from a little different view than most. However, I LOVE this place. I've been a donor several times and they are so caring, you don't feel like just a number and a commodity. They also don't pump you full of extra unnecessary drugs. Other places put you on injectable drugs for a month or so, with multiple shots daily, whereas PNWF only uses injectables for about a week and a half. I like the fact they use hcg AND Lupron to trigger, as I have a much easier time (and recovery) with their method as opposed to only a massive dose of hcg.
I just can't say enough about how great they are and what a pleasure they are to work with.

Google User - 5 Star Review

I recently visited PNWF and found the staff - and Dr. Marshall in particular - very honest, straightforward and comforting in helping with my infertility diagnosis. I would definitely recommend Pacific NW Fertility to anyone!

Google User - 5 Star Review

My experience with PNWF in 2006 was a very positive one. We traveled out of state so that added more stress. But they helped me through every step of the process. If I had questions someone was there to help me. The staff was very friendly and supportive. We plan to go back to try for our second child. We highly recommend them to our friends.

Brianne - 5 Star Review

Dr Shahine is the sweetest doctor I've ever had the privilege of working with. She's honest, positive and encouraging. This clinic is truly the best. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do to make people's dreams of becoming parents a reality.

Natasha - 5 Star Review

Dr. Lamb and our nurse Kallie were so great! We live in Alaska and they worked extra with us to get our sweet little daughter! We will be coming back one day for our next embryo!!!

Anjela - 5 Star Review

I had a wonderful experience with PNWF (if anything in the world of infertility treatment can be called wonderful!). The doctors and nurses were incredibly patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and I truly felt that we put together a treatment plan that offered a chance at success. I'm so grateful to have worked with them, and would recommend them in particular to people whose issues stem from diminished ovarian reserve and embryology issues -- the embryology team is incredible here. Thank you, PNWF!

Jamila - 5 Star Review

Dr. Lamb and the of the staff made me feel very comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I am currently back for baby #2 with IUI.

Stephanie - 5 Star Review

As a fertility acupuncturist, I know that my patients will get high quality care from Pacific NW Fertility. I trust the doctors here and their treatment plans, which allows me to focus on what I do best, Chinese medicine.

Tara - 5 Star Review

Cannot say enough about PNWF!! Excellent physicians and a very caring staff.

They made our family and we could not be more grateful.

I have been extremely impressed and grateful for the level of care and service I have received from PNWF. Everyone has been caring, professional and helpful throughout my process. The calm and matter-of-fact demeanor of my nurse has been calming when I have been unsure of what to do or impatiently waiting a result. The day of the transfer went very smoothly and I would recommend PNWF to anyone going through  this process. Thank you for everything.

Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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