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Check out some of our patients’ heartfelt PNWF reviews

Thank you to all our patients for writing Pacific Northwest Fertility reviews. We are honored that our patients entrust us with their dreams of parenthood. We look forward to continuing to provide expert, compassionate fertility care in the Seattle area! Our top fertility doctors are here for your support and success.

I knew I was working with the smartest women and the best lab.

I saw the wonderful Dr. Shahine and was fortunate to meet all 5 of the incredible doctors throughout my journey. I felt safe, I felt heard, and I felt realistic. I knew I was working with the smartest women and the best lab. All of the doctors care so much. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. I would be thrilled to see any of them for baby #2. – Lauren C.

The best doctor experience I had in my life.

A three year long roller coaster journey ended successfully with the birth of our baby girl! Any time we needed help, Dr. Lamb and her team responded quickly, providing emotional support for my wife and helping manage anxiety. It was probably the best doctor experience I had in my life so far, not only in the US but also in any other country I’ve lived. – Dario V.

I have nothing but love and appreciation for Dr. Marshall and her team. We have a 1 year old thanks to her and her persistence. When I felt all hope was lost, she asked me to bring whatever hope I had left to my next transfer and she would multiply it within herself. I will never forget that. I got pregnant with that transfer. – Kari G.

After 3 different Fertility centers I found our home. PNW fertility has been wonderful. I will never go anywhere else. Wendy W.

The best fertility staff in town!

I cannot say enough about the wonderful staff at PNW Fertility. I feel supported and cared for by all of the doctors and nurses. Infertility is challenging, but knowing I am under great care makes the process manageable. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking infertility treatment. – Amber M.

PNWF is a wonderful team of dedicated doctors and nurses.

The doctors are compassionate and encouraging, and the nurses are always there to answer questions and help you through the intimidating parts of treatment. Lucky to have a clinic like this in Seattle! – Natalie W.

The best fertility care in Seattle.

We went to most–if not all–of the fertility clinics in the Seattle-Bellevue area. PNWF and Dr. Rothenberg’s team blow them out of the water. If you want to save your time, money, and frustrations, go here first. We felt heard, helped, and supported with a more competent team here vs. any of the other clinics. – Elyse M.

Thanks so much!

Can’t say enough about how amazing the team at Pacific NW Fertility are. We found Dr. Broughton after years of being ignored and misdiagnosed by multiple doctors and specialists. Dr. Broughton and her team continue to provide amazing ongoing support. – Jehnean J.

Can’t say enough about how great this clinic is.

Fast response, kind, and absolutely compassionate advocates for women’s health and mental health. When compared to other experiences my friends have gone through, I cannot be thankful enough to be part of this clinic. – Joanne

Thank you to all our patients for choosing us as their care providers on their fertility journey. We get to see dreams come true every day, and not one of us takes that for granted. We celebrate your courage, hope, and perseverance.

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