Seattle Egg Donation

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Become an Egg Donor in Seattle, WA

PNWF offers a unique egg bank model for Seattle egg donation. If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor, we offer top tier medical care with decades of experience to help guide you through the egg donation process.

SIMPLIFY: PNWF’s Answer to Egg Donation

PNWF created our egg bank, SIMPLIFY, to help provide more accessible donor egg options to intended parents and to guarantee the best medical care for our donors. By running our own donor egg bank and providing medical care through our PNWF facility, we streamline the donation process for everyone involved. When you work with our cutting edge fertility clinic in Seattle, egg donation is simple, convenient, and safe.

Why Donate Your Eggs With PNWF & SIMPLIFY?

Donating with an egg bank is more convenient than donating through an agency. With an egg bank, you donate eggs on your own schedule. We then freeze the eggs for intended parents to use later on. You receive compensation after completing your cycle, without having to wait until you match with intended parents.

We offer competitive egg donation compensation for Seattle and the rest of the country, and prioritize our donors’ health and well-being before, during, and after donation. PNWF has been a leader in egg freezing technology for decades in the Seattle area. So, you can feel secure that your eggs will be safely preserved to help someone build their family.

How Do I Become an Egg Donor?

The first step in becoming an egg donor is to check out the requirements to make sure you are eligible. Egg donor requirements ensure the health and safety of the donors, intended parents, and donor-conceived children.

If you meet the initial egg donation requirements, the next step is to apply. The application includes questions about your life, background, and family history. We review every application and reach out to qualified candidates to schedule a pre-screening appointment and interview.

At this visit, you’ll receive physical, psychological, and gynecological screenings. These include a pelvic ultrasound and exam, blood and urine tests, and genetic testing. You can also ask questions about the egg donation process and determine if egg donation is right for you. This visit, along with the appointments during the egg donation process, takes place at PNWF with our dedicated team of egg donation doctors, nurses, and donor coordinators.

If your exam meets all egg donor guidelines, you become a SIMPLIFY donor, and can begin the egg donation process.

Contact Us for More Information on Seattle Egg Donation

Becoming an egg donor in Seattle is simple and convenient with PNWF and SIMPLIFY. We are grateful to all of our donors for their generous spirit as they help intended parents on the journey to parenthood. If you’d like to donate eggs, we’d love to speak with you about the process.

Start an application or reach out to us today.

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