How Much Is Egg Donor Pay?

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Donor

A guide to egg donor compensation

Egg donor candidates and intended parents can all benefit from understanding egg donor pay. Egg donor compensation varies depending on each clinic, agency, or bank’s policies. However, the general process tends to remain the same. We’ve put together this guide as an introduction to egg donation and payment.

Why Do Egg Donors Receive Compensation?

Donating your eggs requires you to commit time, energy, and physical effort. The process involves medical exams, a period of daily injected medications, and a minor surgical procedure. Egg donor pay compensates donors for this involvement. Egg donors may also receive payment to cover any lost wages from missing work for appointments. And finally, intended parents reimburse donors for any costs related to donation, such as travel expenses or additional testing. Egg donors should never have to pay their own money during the donation process.

How Much Do Egg Donors Get Paid?

Usually, egg donor pay in the US ranges from $6,000-$10,000. Some agencies may offer a little less, while others may advertise much higher rates. Keep an eye out for compensation offers that seem extremely high, as they can be too good to be true.

The average range often varies depending on location, experience, and, sometimes, demographics. Donors with previous successful cycles usually receive higher compensation than first-time donors. Talk to your clinic, bank, or agency to learn how they handle egg donor compensation and what they can offer.

At PNWF and our partner egg bank, SIMPLIFY, donors receive between $7,000-$10,000 depending on experience. We also offer additional services to repeat donors, including the possibility of freezing some of your own eggs for future use at no additional cost (except storage).

Who Covers Expenses?

Depending on whether you donate through an egg bank or egg agency, either the egg bank or the intended parents will compensate you. In either case, you should never have to pay any of your own money to be an egg donor. Either the bank or the intended parents will cover the required testing, fertility treatments, and egg retrieval, along with any additional medical or travel expenses.

How and When Do Egg Donors Receive Payment?

Specific payment details depend on the bank or agency. Ask questions during your initial interview to make sure you fully understand the payment process before choosing a facility. Broadly speaking, egg donors usually receive their pay after the egg retrieval. Agencies will typically take the payment from intended parents and put it in an escrow account to ensure the donor receives it after the retrieval.

We provide our donors with a check for full compensation after their retrieval procedure. Importantly, you receive the amount in your contract no matter the quantity or quality of eggs retrieved during your cycle. Egg donors should always receive payment for their time and effort, not the eggs themselves.

Donors receive $500 in the unlikely event their cycle is canceled for a medical reason before the egg retrieval. If a donor does not follow the requirements during the process and the cycle must be canceled, that donor will not receive any compensation.

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PNWF prioritizes transparency and full understanding with our donors. We will go over all the details for how egg donors receive pay at your first interview. If you have any questions, at any point, we’re only a phone call away.