Post-Embryo Transfer Tips

by | Apr 29, 2022 | IVF Services

Ways to prepare and improve success rates

So you’ve had your embryo transfer, and you’re looking for post-embryo transfer tips to improve chances of a successful implantation. First of all, congratulations! The embryo transfer is a huge milestone in your fertility journey, and that’s worth celebrating. It’s important to remember there is no magic secret that guarantees success. And despite what the internet may say, there also isn’t a laundry list of things to avoid at all costs. Here are simple tips we’ve learned over our decades of experience transferring embryos to help you focus on this exciting time and maximize your success.

Post-Embryo Transfer Tip #1: Remember, the Embryo Can’t Fall Out

Once the embryo has been transferred, it can’t “fall out” of the uterus. Don’t worry about moving around or going to the bathroom after the procedure. If resting and reflecting after the transfer feels good, that’s fine! But if you are ready to get going, that’s also perfectly okay, and won’t affect the transfer in any way.

Post-Embryo Transfer Tip #2: Enjoy the Opportunity for Self-Care

There are a ton of tips on the internet about what you should or shouldn’t do after an embryo transfer. But here’s the real truth: you can’t do anything wrong! Feel free to throw out the lists of must-or-must-not-do activities from Doctor Google.

Instead, we like to think of the days after the embryo transfer as an opportunity for self-care. If you can, it’s nice to arrange things in advance so you don’t have any deadlines or obligations during this time. Consider watching your favorite comedy (humor has been shown to increase success rates), ordering takeout, and generally enjoying the opportunity to relax and reflect on this amazing and emotional experience.

In the days and weeks that follow the embryo transfer, remember that normal activities should not impact the transfer’s success. After all, if everyday activities kept embryos from implanting, no one would ever get pregnant!

Post-Embryo Transfer Tip #3: Don’t Forget Your Medication!

It’s extremely important to continue taking your medication as directed after the embryo transfer. It can be easy to forget once the excitement of the transfer is over. Set alarms on your phone, time medications with meals, or use another method to make sure you continue to take them consistently.

Post-Embryo Transfer Tip #4: Practice Patience (and Distractions) During Your 2 Week Wait

The two weeks between embryo transfer and pregnancy test are a great time to use your preferred relaxation and distraction techniques to stay present and mindful. You might work on projects around the house, read a good book, go for a walk with a friend, cook a delicious meal, learn a new skill – whatever keeps you grounded and hopeful.

We strongly encourage patients to take a pregnancy test when their clinic recommends, and not before. Taking it too early can have inaccurate or confusing results, and the two week wait is already an emotional roller coaster on its own. It’s also good to keep in mind that there is no universal experience of pregnancy. Some people who are pregnant have spotting or feel cramps, breast tenderness, or mood swings – and some feel nothing at all but still get a positive pregnancy test. There is no symptom that “proves”  you are pregnant before the test.

If you have specific concerns during the wait, you can call your fertility team. In general, try to breathe deeply and find fun or relaxing activities to occupy your time and thoughts.

The embryo transfer is the exciting, emotional culmination of your fertility journey. From pre-transfer preparation to the pregnancy test and after, we are here to support you. Dr. Shahine has a very informative blog post that guides you through the entire embryo transfer process, as well videos for before, during, and after the embryo retrieval If you’d like to discuss more pre- and post-embryo transfer tips, reach out to us today.