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Welcome to the Center for Collaborative Reproduction at Pacific NW Fertility.

PNWF helps build families in many ways. Our Center for Collaborative Reproduction includes options like egg donation, surrogacy, and treatments using donor sperm.

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Services & Programs

Egg Donation

PNWF has one of the most comprehensive and successful egg donation programs in the United States. We not only provide traditional matched cycles in which a recipient is matched with an egg donor, sometimes referred to as a fresh donor egg cycle, but PNWF has had its own donor egg bank since 2009 with over 300 live births and counting.

At PNWF, we have the experience and expertise to walk you through the egg donation process and find the right option for you.

What sets PNWF apart from other programs:

  • Experience – Matched egg donation cycles since 2005, our own donor egg bank since 2009.

  • Incredible success rates – with quality control, high bar for egg donors, and experience – we provide the highest success for you

  • Matching you with a pre-screened donor – egg donors at PNWF have been pre-screened by us for fertility, family history, genetic carrier status, mental health, drug tox screening, and virology testing. Many other matching programs will match recipients with people willing to do egg donation, require the recipient to pay for the screening, and if the donor is not eligible – the recipient has to be re-matched and pay again. Not at PNWF – our donors are pre-screened at our cost.

  • Our Donor Egg Bank provides a guarantee unlike other donor egg banks – see below

Donor Egg Bank Founded in 2009

We were truly visionary in 2008 when we decided to start our own donor egg bank. We were so highly successful at our tradition fresh matched program and we wanted to provide options to our patients.

Matching a recipient and a donor takes coordination and can delay family building when a recipient is ready to conceive but there is no donor available to do a cycle. Egg freezing allows us to have eggs ready and waiting for recipients.

We take egg donation with frozen eggs one step further than other donor egg banks – we no do not just sell eggs – we guarantee blastocysts. If you have done IVF before – you know what this means. Not every egg will become a blastocyst.

Most donor egg banks sell a set of eggs and if those eggs do not fertilize or develop into blastocyts – the recipients have to buy a whole additional set of eggs.

This is incredibly expensive and time consuming if the clinic requires a recipient to start a frozen embryo transfer cycle before thawing eggs – this means taking hormones for weeks at a large cost in the hopes of having an embryo transfer. If there are no embryos to transfer, the recipient must stop the hormones, buy a new set of eggs, and restart the process all over again.

At PNWF – we are patient-centered and know how burdensome this process can be. So, we have developed our process over the last 10+ years so that the recipient does not start hormones until embryos are ready for them.

This means we thaw donor eggs, fertilize them, develop them to blasts and re-cryopreserve them. If we do not have the number of blasts with the first set of eggs we thaw – then we thaw more (at no additional cost to the recipient). There are rare cases in which no blasts form with the sperm we are using and we work with the recipients to discuss options.

This model has been incredibly well received by our PNWF patients. Especially patients who have had treatment elsewhere and have been frustrated with the cycle of payment, disappointment, more payment, and so on.



PNWF has helped build many families with surrogacy. Our patients have benefited from the law passed in the state of Washington allowing intended parents to compensate gestational carriers as of January 1, 2019. Washington State residents no longer have to go out of state (at significant cost) to find gestational carriers. We work with several different agencies who can help our patients find the right fit for them.


Donor Sperm

PNWF has helped many families conceive with donor sperm. We do not have our own donor sperm bank but work with many sperm banks around the United States and can help our patients navigate the process. Donor sperm from a donor sperm bank has been pre-screened and is approved for use by the FDA.

If patients want to conceive with sperm from a known donor (not an intended parent) there are testing and other requirements – please inquire about this option.

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about Pacific NW Fertility’s Donor Egg Bank, please get in touch with our Donor Egg Bank Team. We look forward to answering your questions and want to make this a positive experience for you.

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