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Guide to Initial Fertility Testing and Results


We’re so glad you’re here. PNWF has helped build families with a combination of the latest technology and research and compassionate care since 2005 and we look forward to helping you.

Some patients excited to get a jumpstart on their evaluation may use this guide to ask their primary care provider or OBGYN to order tests before their visit at PNWF. Other patients may use this guide to review test results before a visit with their PNWF provider.
Pacific NW Fertility has a patient portal that tracks results from labs drawn by our office and the results will be released for you to view at home once available. Our office typically has a “no news is good news” policy for lab results. In general, normal results will be released to your portal and we will reach out to review abnormal results or results that require follow-up. Results with implications to treatment plans are typically discussed in detail at your consultation with our providers. If you need assistance accessing your portal, please contact our front desk team to help.

We are hoping the brief descriptions of common tests and typical reference ranges below will help you process your results and collect questions prior to your consultation with a provider at our office. In addition to this document, there are resources available online through SART, ASRM, and our website (https://pnwfertility.com/) that many find beneficial and educational. Wishing you the best!

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Donor Egg Program


If you are considering using donor eggs to conceive, Pacific NW Fertility offers the full range of services to meet your needs. Pacific NW Fertility is home to an extremely successful and comprehensive Donor Egg Program which includes the SIMPLIFY Donor Egg Bank as well as our fresh Donor Egg Program. Our donors are carefully screened by PNWF professionals and meet the highest standards for physical, genetic and mental health. Having all of these services under one roof is rare and reduces the anxiety and cost associated with patients coordinating much of their own care.

Pacific NW Fertility has been committed to donor egg services as an extremely important part of our overall program. In 2009 we started the first Donor Egg Bank in the Pacific Northwest and one of the first in the country. We have an excellent record of success using both fresh and frozen eggs, and incorporate the most advanced laboratory techniques and genetic screening to help you have a healthy child. Our team of doctors, embryologists, nurses and other donor egg specialists provide the personalized care that you need to take this important step.

PNWF Approach

There are many different types of fertility testing and family building options offered here at PNWF. Treatment options include medication to induce ovulation, intrauterine inseminations (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), genetic testing of embryos, and options for conceiving with donor sperm, donor egg, and surrogacy. Each patient is unique and we review all options and agree on a path forward that is best for your personal situation.

The entire staff will make every effort to provide you with personal and compassionate care in order to make this difficult time as comfortable and manageable as possible.

Before starting fertility treatment, each patient is evaluated to help maximize the chances for success and a healthy pregnancy. The most common fertility evaluation consists of blood work for pre-conception testing, hormonal levels including ovarian reserve testing, ultrasound assessment of the uterus and ovaries, an anatomical evaluation of the uterus (if applicable, three methods commonly used include a hysterosalpingogram, a saline infusion sonogram, or a hysteroscopy), and a semen analysis (if applicable).

Evaluation Options

Donor Egg Articles & Resources