Enjoying the Benefits of Yoga for Fertility

by | May 14, 2024 | Resources, Wellness

Finding a practice that supports fertility.

You may notice that many yoga studios offer yoga classes and programs specifically designed for those who are pregnant. The many benefits of prenatal yoga are well-known and have become widespread. But yoga isn’t just great for pregnancy; it can also be beneficial for those trying to conceive. You can practice yoga for fertility both in the studio and at home by trying out some simple poses that assist the body’s functions and help to boost fertility naturally.

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Yoga for Fertility and the Whole Body

Yoga is an ancient practice that’s been around for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is widely beloved for its physical, spiritual, and mental health benefits. The holistic health of your body and mind can greatly affect every interconnected system of your body, including reproduction and fertility. Exercising and engaging in self-care are two great ways to support fertility that both happen to be encompassed by the practice of yoga.

Yoga Benefits for Both Men and Women

It’s often wrongly assumed that most fertility problems are rooted in women’s health. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are part of a couple, fertility is an equal collaboration that requires the participation of both partners. Yoga for fertility can benefit both men and women and can be something that’s special and creates a deeper bond when practicing together.

Moderate Exercise is Best for Fertility

When aiming for pregnancy it’s best to engage in moderate, consistent exercise rather than longer or even short bouts of intense exercise. Yoga is an excellent form of moderate exercise that engages many systems of the body as well as breath, flexibility, and light cardio.

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Yoga for General Stress Relief Helps with Fertility

Many people do yoga as a way to relieve stress, sleep better, and to feel better in all aspects of their life. Stress reduction can be very beneficial for fertility outcomes. If yoga is part of your usual self-care routine, it can also be great to continue while trying to get pregnant all the way through pregnancy and after.

Sex and Yoga are Linked

Another benefit of yoga for fertility is that yoga has been been shown to increase sex drive and may improve your sexual function. When trying to conceive, sex can sometimes start to feel like a chore. Doing things like yoga that help boost desire can help to make the process easier and more intuitive for you and your partner.

Choosing the Best Poses to Promote Fertility

The best poses to promote fertility are restorative poses, stimulating poses, and poses that enhance flexibility. Some examples of yoga for fertility:

  • Restorative poses
    • Child’s Pose: Sit with your thighs over your shins and relax your back over your legs so you can rest your head on the floor in front of you. 
    • Downward Puppy: Start by kneeling then lean forward and extend your arms out in front of you until they touch the ground, a variation of downward dog.
    • Bound angle: Lay on your back and lets your knees fall open with your feet touching.
  • Stimulating poses
    • Cobra: lay on your stomach with your hands flat next to you, push up and arch your back while facing forward.
    • Bridge: Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bend. Lift your hips and extend them into the air.
  • Flexibility poses
    • Cat/Cow: rest your weight on your knees and the palms of your hands while you arch and extend your back in a slow repetition.
    • Extended triangle: Stand with your legs wide apart. Reach one hand down to your foot and the other directly up in the air above you while keeping a flat back.

Yoga Has Benefits for Fertility and the Rest of Life

For many, yoga becomes a lifelong practice that grows and changes with their needs, and yoga for fertility is no different. When you’re ready to discuss all the ways you can promote your fertility, we at PNWF are here for you. Reach out to schedule an initial consultation and learn about everything you can do to boost your chances of conception.