Out of Town Patients

Many patients come to PNWF for care from outside of the Seattle Metropolitan area. Some are from smaller cities in Northwestern states and others travel farther - from the smallest towns in Alaska to large cities like Vancouver, British Columbia. No matter where patients call home we are always happy they find us.

Working with the patient's hometown care provider, or nearby women's health center, the PNWF team will collaborate with physicians, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians to maximize the quality of care while minimizing travel to Seattle.  

During an IVF cycle much of the cycle monitoring can be done where our patients live. Our Seattle clinic stays in close contact with the out-of-town clinic, working together to offer each patient the best care possible.

Whether you are living outside the Seattle metropolitan area in Washington State, in Alaska , Montana, or in Western Canada, PNWF will coordinate your care long distance and work to deliver extraordinary care as if you were just down the street.

For more information about being a long-distance patient at PNWF, please speak to your IVF Coordinator or ask for a free 30-minute consultation when you call us. 

The first thing I put in my baby's baby book was a pasted in sheet of paper showing that we were pregnant, from PNWF.  Below it I wrote, "Mom and Dad worked HARD for you." We deserve it even more, I say. Because the baby that comes from PNW Fertility and their crew of helpers is one loved baby. That is a pretty amazing legacy to be able to tell that kid someday.

Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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