Our Approach

We have learned over the years that both the journey and the outcome matter, and personalized care is about more than a treatment plan, it’s about how you treat people.

You deserve to see providers who recognize that your situation is unique, because more times than not it is. That’s why, as a practice, we have committed to truly individualized care – to acknowledging that every person is not only unique in medical terms, but in terms of their values, their hopes, their fears, and their approach to creating a family.

We want to offer you both the highest level of care and the highest level of empathy on this journey. We recognize that this is one of the most meaningful and most challenging experiences of your life. So we start each day reminding ourselves of our commitment to be present, honest, and optimistic at each visit.

Success Rates

At Pacific NW Fertility, we know that completing your family is the ultimate goal of your fertility journey. We’re proud of our success rates. When it comes to more advanced fertility treatment like IVF, egg freezing, and genetic testing of embryos, experience matters. PNWF combines advanced technology with a highly skilled and experienced team of doctors and embryologist to give our patients the best chance of success for their family building goals.

Success Stories

We’ve helped thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest, as well as nationally and internationally. We’re so proud of our patients and celebrate with them in the success of achieving their dreams. We hope these stories provide encouragement, support, and the motivation to pursue your own dreams.

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We could not have asked for more competent, compassionate, personalized care during what has been the most difficult endeavor of our lives. We wouldn’t be here without you.
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Pacific NW Fertility Clinic as a whole has been above and beyond all amazing and continues to be wonderful to work with. I share with family and friends the phenomenal care I received during such an experience.

World class technology, all under one roof

Our state-of-the-art, on-site facility houses both clinical and laboratory services with the latest in diagnostic, surgical, and laboratory equipment. Not only do you get access to the very latest technologies and procedures, but it all happens within our practice, with flawless coordination and the highest safety standards at every stage of your experience.