Patient Testimonials

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Success Stories

Author: Pacific NW Fertility Team


Overall Care

“Thank you to the whole team for making our family complete. From the person scheduling appointments to the procedure room team – every person we interacted with really cared about us and our goals. What you all do every day may seem routine to you – but what you’ve done for us is truly incredible.”


“It just feels like a family here. I’m thrilled to graduate but sad to leave PNWF.”


“We could not have asked for more competent, compassionate, personalized care during what has been the most difficult endeavor of our lives. We wouldn’t be here without you.”


“We cannot thank you enough for the role that you all played in building our family – we are forever grateful.”


“I miss your team so much! It’s definitely a different experience at your office, and I’m so thankful.”


“Thank you again, you all were so wonderful and made a tough experience better than I could have imagined.”


“Regardless of the outcome of this round, the deep and thoughtful care you have shown us has truly made this feel like a completely different experience than those we have had in the past. From  pro-active communication and planning, to the positivity and kind words of encouragement, we have felt calmer and more secure than we ever have while working with you.”


“We wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to the team for taking such amazing care of us over an incredibly stressful period. The team’s warmth and compassion, combined with amazing medical care meant we felt completely looked after and trusted the process completely.”


“I cannot thank you enough for how warm and supportive you and your team were with us throughout our process to get to this point. There are no words for how much that meant to us. We wouldn’t be here without you.”


“I share with family and friends the phenomenal care I received during such an experience.”


“Pacific NW Fertility Clinic as a whole has been above and beyond all amazing and continues to be wonderful to work with. I share with family and friends the phenomenal care I received during such an experience.”


Single Mom

“I was ready to start my family on my own and knew I needed donor sperm but didn’t know where to start. Thank you for answering all my questions (and there were a million) and thank you so much for walking me through the IUI procedure (I was so nervous).



“We’re glad we listened to our friends who told us to go to PNWF for care. We knew we liked the idea of shared maternity but didn’t know a lot about the process. It’s amazing that we both got to be a part of building our family – thank you!”


“From the start of our process we realized that we had finally landed in a clinic in which we felt listened to and cared for. During our first appointment we made a comment that the demographic questionnaires were hetero normative and not very inclusive. Everyone was responsive and took time to explain the limitations you currently faced with the software you use to capture patient background information. We felt heard, which is so important during such and emotionally taxing experience such as IVF.

We are so grateful for the individual attention we received. Our questions – even the most basic ones, that I often felt embarrassed to ask – were answered promptly and with such professionalism. It meant a lot to us.

As a gay couple of color we’ve had many unsavory experiences during our long IVF journey. As such, we are very grateful by our experience with the clinic as a whole. We have felt and continue to feel safe and respected. Feeling safe meant we trusted you with one of the most critical chapters in our lives. Thank you.”