Best Fertility Clinic In Seattle

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Fertility 101, Resources

What to look for and how to find the best Seattle fertility clinic

If you’re looking for the best fertility clinic in Seattle, it’s important to know what to look for. Excellent fertility care requires trust, experience, compassion, and high success rates. Here are some things to watch for to find the best fertility clinic in the Seattle area.

Your Fertility Care Should Be as Unique as You Are

You deserve to see providers who recognize that your situation is unique. No two fertility journeys are exactly alike when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, and addressing your fears, hopes, and values in building a family. The best fertility clinic in Seattle provides individualized care for every patient.

The Best Fertility Clinic in Seattle Provides Inclusive, Affirming Care

Everyone deserves to have the best opportunity to create a family. Providing affirming fertility care to everyone should be a cornerstone of any quality fertility clinic. As you are choosing your fertility clinic, keep an eye out for inclusive services. Clinics that offer inclusive care have more experience with both baseline and specialized fertility services, and prioritize supporting and affirming their patients’ individual journeys.

When it Comes to Fertility, Experience Matters

Fertility is one of the most complex and complicated areas of medicine – after all, it’s literally about creating life! This is no time to learn on the job. That’s why the best fertility clinic in Seattle must have years of experience helping patients. Washington, specifically, has rapidly changing laws surrounding fertility topics like surrogacy and insurance coverage, and your fertility clinic should navigate these with ease. You are trusting your clinic with the most precious responsibility imaginable – so make sure to find a clinic with demonstrated expertise.

Cutting Edge Technology = Higher Success Rates

Reproductive medicine has come a long way since IVF was developed in 1978. Procedures that used to be considered experimental, like egg and embryo freezing, are now widely available, and new techniques are developed all the time. That’s why it’s critical that to be the best fertility clinic in Seattle, a clinic must stay on top of cutting-edge technology to provide the best chances of success for their patients.

Communication Is a Must for the Best Seattle Fertility Clinic

Receiving fertility treatment can be exciting, emotional, nerve-wracking, and wonderful – sometimes all at the same time! It’s important to have a clear understanding of your journey and to feel confident in your team. A clinic that values direct, compassionate communication will support you and make your experience easier.

It’s also very important that your clinic communicates and works well as a team. From your fertility specialists to the nursing staff to the lab technicians and embryologists, you want a team that runs smoothly with flawless coordination.

Find a Seattle Fertility Clinic That Cares As Much As You Do

Technology, experience, communication, and teamwork are all critical. When you combine them with compassion and dedication, that’s when dreams come true. If you want the best fertility clinic in Seattle, find a team that cares about your journey to parenthood as much as you do. Building a family can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of your life. You should never feel like just another patient. You deserve care that celebrates and supports your individual journey, with a team that holds your hand during the struggles and cheers for your successes.

Pacific Northwest Fertility Is Here for You

We founded PNWF in 2005 to provide premier, personalized care to every patient we serve. We are committed to our patients’ wellbeing, and know that nothing can replace compassionate, quality care. PNWF combines advanced technology with a highly skilled team of fertility providers with decades of experience. All our services, both clinical and laboratory, take place in our state-of-the-art facility. This enables us to provide incredible coordination of care, reflected in our high success rates. We are consistently on the forefront of reproductive care, from pioneering new techniques to supporting increased access to fertility care for all individuals. Our centers, including the Center for LGBTQ+ Fertility, the Center for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, and our partner SIMPLIFY Egg Bank, offer specialized in-house support to fully meet patients where they are in their journey.

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Most importantly, we get to see dreams come true, and none of us take that for granted. Our team is here to provide the highest level of both care and empathy as we support you on your journey. We’re proud of our overall success rates, but our true passion is the individual success of each of our patients. We’d love to show you what makes us the best fertility clinic in Seattle – make an appointment today.