Celebrating Grateful Patient Day with Patient Testimonials

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Success Stories

September 8th is Grateful Patient Day! Thank you to our patients who have taken the time to share their experiences, some of which we’ve included here. We are so grateful to each and every one of our patients for entrusting us with their most precious hopes and dreams, and we look forward to continuing to provide compassionate, expert fertility care.

Our physicians are dedicated to helping and caring for you at every step on your path to parenthood.

“We absolutely love Dr. Marshall…From her proactive communication, to her kind and thorough bedside manner…it felt like she was on our side and we were on the same team…Finding her has been a game changer in reducing the anxiety and stress of this entire experience, while also giving us a better outcome…For the first time in months, we felt like we had hope.”

Dr. Lamb is an exceptional physician. She is honest, compassionate, and extremely bright…Dr. Lamb customized her plan to my body. For every setback we had, she had a new idea for something to try…she was taking care of me and not just following a standard formula for fertility care.”

Dr. Shahine was kind, informative, and compassionate, all traits that my husband and I valued while going through an emotional time in our fertility journey. I felt very listened to, and any concerns or topics I asked about were addressed and discussed with respect and honesty…She always made time to ask how I was feeling.”

“With Dr. Rothenberg and her team I always felt taken care of. I have recurrent pregnancy loss so their professionalism and empathy was really critical for my emotional well-being during treatment. They were exceptionally good with communication about my situation.”

Dr. Broughton has been very understanding and very caring about our situation and what we have gone through….She is very knowledgeable and very educated…I trust her completely. She takes the time to let me talk and answers all my questions…She was very sweet, understanding and determined for us. We appreciate her.”

Our nurses, technicians, and support staff are here to make your journey as comfortable and compassionate as possible.

“[Our nurses] were caring, proactive, detail oriented and incredibly skilled…they genuinely seemed invested in the outcomes and shared our joy with the results; they were diligent in checking on us post-retrieval; every time we debriefed with them after monitoring they were thorough and kind…they are incredibly responsive.”

“I especially appreciate the egg retrieval set up because each PNWF patient gets a private room so you can relax before the procedure.”

“I love that they have a lab in-clinic…To a new patient I would say you are in good hands. They are amazing.”

“I felt safe, I felt heard, and I felt realistic…I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.”

“I cannot say enough about the wonderful staff at PNW Fertility…Infertility is challenging but the experience of knowing I am under great care makes each step of the process manageable. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking infertility treatment.”

We’ve helped thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest, as well as nationally and internationally.

“My husband and I only had a 50 percent chance of success and Dr. Shahine was key for making this happen…We are so thankful to her and her staff! It was a long process, lots of testing, but the results could have not been better. We have a beautiful, smart, and healthy 3 year old!”

“I have nothing but love and appreciation for Dr. Marshall and her team. We have a 1 year old thanks to her and her persistence…When I felt all hope was lost, she asked me to bring whatever hope I had left to my next transfer and she would multiply it within herself. I will never forget that. I got pregnant with that transfer.”

“What an absolute treat it has been to work with Team Lamb throughout COVID quarantine. My wife was treated here while I FaceTimed in for every appointment last year. While it was tough to not be in the room, the team always made me feel part of the journey. 3 weeks ago we welcomed our daughter Iris and will forever be grateful for the skills and professionalism of Pacific NW Fertility.”

Thank you to all of our patients for choosing us to accompany them on this meaningful, challenging journey. Your courage, resilience, and optimism inspire us everyday. To find out more about our personalized, patient-centered care, contact us for an initial consultation today.
Patient testimonials come from Fertility IQ, Facebook, and Yelp.