Find a Fertility Specialist in Seattle

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Fertility 101, Infertility, Resources

What to look for in your Seattle fertility doctor

As you find a fertility specialist in Seattle, you’ll want to look for a few key factors. Infertility is a physically and emotionally complex experience. So, you deserve a team that supports you on your journey with compassionate, patient-forward care and medical expertise.

Why Do I Need a Fertility Specialist?

Infertility has many nuanced and possible causes, and just as many possible treatments. Your primary care doctor or OB/GYN may be able to provide some initial assessments. However, it usually takes a specialist to determine the likely causes and create a treatment plan. Fertility specialists, also called reproductive endocrinologists, study the reproductive system and the complex balance of hormones involved in conception and pregnancy. They also usually work at fertility clinics with access to highly specialized diagnostic and treatment technology.

Find a Seattle Fertility Specialist Who Meets Your Specific Needs

Every patient is unique, and their specific personal and medical history informs their fertility treatment. Similarly, fertility doctors have different specializations. As you try to find a fertility specialist in the Seattle area, consider your own story and needs. Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community? Do you have a family history of conditions like endometriosis or PCOS? Are you a single parent looking for a sperm or egg donor? Have you experienced several miscarriages?

Once you’ve identified some of your specific goals or concerns, look for a fertility team experiences in those areas. For instance, the PNWF team has doctors who specialize in LGBTQ+ family building, recurrent pregnancy loss, fertility surgeries, egg freezing, transgender fertility preservation, and more. Having a specialist familiar with your needs increases your chances of success and offers you a more personalized care experience.

An Excellent Seattle Fertility Specialist Needs An Excellent Clinic

Medical professionals don’t work in a vacuum. Successful fertility care, in particular, requires advanced technology, high quality lab services, and a dedicated team of nurses, embryologists, and administrative staff. So, to find a fertility specialist in Seattle, make sure you are also looking at clinics with a record of excellent care. Throughout your fertility journey, you’ll be working closely with all the members of your care team, not just the doctor. You should receive respectful and caring treatment starting from your first phone call to make an appointment. Similarly, look for clinics that provide a range of medical technologies and treatment options, with high success rates for their patients.

PNWF has a team of dedicated fertility specialists who are passionate about helping patients along their unique path to parenthood. Our Seattle facility provides everything in house, including cutting-edge technology and laboratory services. We have specialization centers for Collaborative Reproduction, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, LGBTQ+ Fertility, and Fertility Preservation, providing expert care for a wide range of fertility and infertility needs. To learn more about our Seattle fertility specialists and teams, reach out to us today.